Our people


Our People

With the perspective of that people are the central of every aspect, the company has created a friendly environment where honesty is uphold started from the highest management levels of the company. Every employee has the opportunity to speak for themselves and the company itself also perceives that as a crucial factor which could help the firm always transform to adapt in the 21
st century.


– Suitable incentives in a fair-competitive environment 

The company has always advocated seeking people who have the real ability to retain as a gear of a whole system and this starts right from the recruitment process. Those who have the ability and enthusiasm are always recognized and welcome here. This helps the company maintain a friendly atmosphere, fair competition spirit, with the core of cooperation and development.

With an annual salary bonus structure based on capacity, following strictly with labor laws enacted by the state, the company has created a solid peace-of-mind foundation for people to commit and devote themselves in working fully. Vietwood company has always been proud of this policy. The holiday programs have always been held annually with all the proper investment find funding by the company to create a rich spiritual life for people, especially those who live and work far away from their hometown.



– Safety and personal care 

Because people are always the primary focus of the company, all factors that are human-related have been prioritized first and foremost. First of all, Vietwood Company ensures the health of workers in the company in good condition by creating a non-polluted environment for them with the modern vacuum system to reduce dust as much of possible. Besides that, all employees here are under national health insurance following the law of the state. As Vietwood is a member in the supply chain of the Sears Holdings Corporation and has joined the Sedex Global Organization; it is evidently clear that Vietwood could comply policy of global ethical strictly.


Develop talent

As one of the few companies willing to recruit newly graduated students and receive trainees, Vietwood is an ideal environment for newcomers to learn things fast and properly. The company is always chances for the youth to maximize their capabilities by helping to arrange suitable job position for each person. In addition, creating suitable jobs also help employees to develop skills in problem solving, stimulating their creative spirit and innovation in the work process.

Besides, the company is willing to support employees with a progressive mind, eager to learn with oversea training programs to enhance the professional knowledge and serve the process of actual work in the company.