Advantages of Vietnam Rubber Wood aka Parawood

Advantages of Vietnam Rubber Wood aka Parawood

Lots of people have heard about Rubber wood  but do not know what it is. Well Rubber wood is known by various names such as parawood (widely used in America), plantation hardwood, Malaysian oak, white teak or by its genus Hevea (widely used in European countries). It grows extensively in South East Asia(Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam) and Central America. It is a light-colored and medium-density tropical hardwood, sourced from the Pará rubber tree, usually grown on rubber plantations.   cảm biến nhiệt độ Pt100 

Since it secretes a sap better known as latex, it is considered to be environmentally friendly as it uses plantation trees that have been felled at the end of their cycle of latex production and new trees are grown. The wood, therefore, is harvested from a renewable source.


The popularity of parawood application for home furnishings increases vastly in recent years. In Japan and Korea, Rubber wood furniture are marketed as “the best hard wood” due to its eco friendly and usability! Yet in the US and European countries, rubber wood is not widely acknowledged.  Here are the advantages and disadvantages of rubber wood  bo chuyen doi 4-20ma sang rs485 

Advantages of parawood /rubber wood 

  • Durability: Rubber wood is durable, strong, tough and resilient. If well-cared for, it should last for 20 years or more.
  • Low maintenance: It is easy to take care of being more stain resistant than its natural counterpart.
  • Soft: Parawood is soft to touch, making it comfortable to walk on when you’re tired. This makes it ideal for bedrooms, living areas and playrooms. cam bien do muc nuoc 
  • Resistant to fire and burns: Rubber is burn-resistant, particularly if the heat source is a cigarette butt. Besides, it is non-toxic and won’t release toxic fumes into the air when there’s a fire.
  • Good shock absorber: Parawood is generally used in gyms for its shock absorbing capacity. It helps to provide good cushioning so that those working out do not injure themselves should they ever fall. It also decreases the risk of injuries while doing rigorous training. For seniors, it helps to have parawood flooring since it decreases the stress felt on the joints and makes daily movement for them easier.vanesa


Disadvantages of parawood / rubber wood    cảm biến đo nhiệt Pt100 

  • Expensive: Rubber wood  is considered more expensive than other wood types.
  • Slippage: If you choose smooth and non textured rubber wood tiles, they can be quite slippery if water is spilled on it. If polished, the floor is more dangerous for the user.
  • Damage by water: rubber wood may be resistant to damage by water, yet it is prone to seepage problems especially when the adhesive loosens or the tiles curl.
  • Staining: Though rubber flooring resists most staining agents, its surface could be discolored by certain others. Detergents and abrasive cleaning solutions can do damage to rubber wood flooring. Grease also works adversely on rubber wood floors if not wiped immediately.  bo hien thi nhiet do pt100
  • Dull finish: It has a naturally dull finish which does not make it the ideal flooring option for many. Though it can be polished to brighten it up, yet it certainly isn’t right for living rooms, dining rooms and other areas where you might want to give a bright effect.    cảm biến đo mức nước 

(Source : Wood Database) 

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