Profiling is one of the most important steps in woodworking. Both housing materials and furniture need accurate profiling parts for beautiful final products. Wood is a natural material and many technical problems could occur during the process of profiling wood. The key of successful profiling wood is to have the wood parts are accurately straightened and they have to be in perfect angles after being processed. In order to avoid potential technical errors, it relies heavily on workers’ skill and factory’s well management. Vietwood is always proud of high discipline factory and experienced managers.


In additional, profiling wood products has a wide range of shapes. We never have a limitation for shapes and new challenges for wood profiling never stop coming. This not only requires high experienced wood-workers but also the ones who highly commit with woodworking jobs. Vietwood is now having a strong team of people who are hunger to learn and try new things. On the other hand, investing in technology is also the way to increase the accuracy of profiling. New machines, which are more accurate and efficient, have been studied and installed into Vietwood production line in order to assure high quality products for many types of profiling: Bevel, chamfer, grooving, moulding, drilling, etc.


As a result, we are proud to announce our quality: high profile precision (the tolerance accuracy is up to +-0.5mm), excellent surface quality (qualifying Japanese and European standard). Just give our designing team your drawing or ideas or design criteria, then we come up with final drawing which developed to final products. Our engineers are proficient in using CNC machine, router … Furthermore they are also experts in utilizing either Finger Jointed Board or Solid to profile into not only beautiful shape but also strong strong wooden structure.