Packaging is the process of enclosing and protecting products. products packaging not only protects the products during distribution from manufacturers to wholesalers and retailers, but also prevents damages while the they are on retailers shelves. Moreover, most customers use packaging as a criteria to make their buying decision. Packaging is a tool to convey customers how your products and brand are different from the others.

Understanding this, Vietwood always put an extremely high concentration on how to make the products appear in the best condition from outside. We apply 3 standards

  • Good materials and environmental friendly which not only protect the products but also protect our environment
  • Printing layout in the best condition which also clear message that customers want to convey to end users.
  • Good method of packaging which assures best condition of appearance


Some packaging service that we are providing to customers:

  • Shrink wrap

This is a packaging method which uses polymer plastic film to cover the products. when we apply heat, it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering.

  • IPP

For FJL Board packaging, IPP would be used to protect every single board. this will help to prevent any scratch on the surface or side of products.


  • Bundle or carton box packaging

For bundle packaging, Vietwood is now using pallets that qualify ISPM 15 standard. the purpose is to prevent the spread of disease and insects that could negatively affect plants or ecosystems. With this standard, we can satisfy many customers from different markets such as EU, US, AUSTRALIA or JAPAN. additionally, Vietwood can pack the products according to customer’s’ requirement and also products’ characteristics.