Jointing or assembling is the next step, after sanding the profiled parts in furniture making process. the construction and structure of furniture are extremely vital for furniture factory. if the factory does not maintain stable control, furniture can easily breakdown. this mistake is unacceptable for any operation. understanding this point, Vietwood always continues improving knowledge and skills of assembling and jointing wood. we not only follow what customers want but also consult them the sufficient way to produce their items.

Jointing is not just simply making two pieces of wood become one. sometimes, it is more complicated as there are several interlocking slots. not every type of wood joint is equal in term of strength. most joints are held together by outside forces such as glue, nails, screws or dowel. therefore, knowing various methods of joint can provide more advantages compared with other competitors.

With many different types of wood joint such as: butt joint, mitered joint, half-lap joint, mortise and tenon joint, dowel joint, dovetail joint, half-blind dovetail joint, jointing with linking parts, Vietwood strongly believe that we can provide you not only beautiful but also strongly constructed products.

Dovetail Joint


Half-blind dovetail joint


Dowel joint


Tenon joint